Section of Agricultural Botany

The Agricultural Botany has outstanding contribution at its credit during Green Revolution. Crop iimprovement is a pivotal role and it transformed self-sufficiency. There are four different disciplines covered i.e. Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Physiology, Agriculture Biotechnology and Seed Technology which have their respective teaching, research and extension activities. During 2019, we started working on plant tissue culture with well equipped Plant Biotechnology Laboratory.  The section has been strengthened for quality teaching and advance research ventures to meet the challenges in Agriculture Development.

Faculty and Staff :-

Dr. Roshan R. Yelne
Assistant Professor
M. Sc. Agri ,Ph.D
(Plant Biotechnology)
Dr. Swati B. Gaikwad
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Agri, Ph.D
(Crop Physiology)
Dr. Raviraj N. Udasi
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Agri, Ph.D
(Genetics and Plant Breeding)
Shri. S. D. Zade,
Lab Assistant

Courses offered by Botany Section

Course No. Course Title Credits
1BOI -IIIIntroductory biology1+1
2BOT-121Fundamentals of crop physiology1+1
3 ESDM -131Fundamentals of genetics2+1
4ESDM-231Environmental studies and disaster management2+1
5BIOCHEM-231Fundamentals of plant biochemistry and biotechnology2+1
6GPB-232Fundamentals of plant breeding1+1
7ELEBOT-242Micro-propogation technology1+2
8 GPB-243 Principles of seed technology1+2
9ELEGPB-244Commercial plant breeding2+1
10BOT-353Intellectual property Rights1+0
11GPB-355Crop improvement -I (Kharif crops)1+1
12 GPB-366Crop improvement -I (Rabi crops) 1+1
13BOT-478SRP RAWE0+1
14EIMBOT-484Seed production and technology0+10
15ELMBOT-485 Tissue culture technology 0+10

Activities :-

Practicals conducted for students
Plant Biotechnology Laboratory