Section of Agriculture Extension

The section of extension education transfers the knowledge about application of scientific research and knowledge about agricultural practices through farmer education. Agricultural extension education plays a crucial role in boosting agricultural productivity, increasing food security, improving rural livelihoods, and promoting agriculture as an engine of pro-poor economic growth. Throughout the degree program this department includes knowledge of rural sociology & educational psychology, different extension methodologies for effective transfer of agricultural technologies to the farmers through audio-visual aids like, television, Radio, OHP, LCD,  charts, posters, leaflet, folders, Kisan Call Centre, internet, world wide web, also the Entrepreneurship Development programmes, along with The practical experience at root level, students READY programme in different villages. The section encourages students to participate in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities by organizing various extension activities. Extension Education section maintains the affinity with the farmers and bridges the gap between lab and land.

Faculty and Staff :-

Dr. Rani K. More
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Agri. Ph.D
Dr. Pravin N. Chavhan
Assistant Professor
M.Sc. Agri Ph.D, NET(ASRB)
Jayshri Deulkar
Lab Assistant

Section of extension education offers following courses to B.Sc Agriculture

Sr. NoCourse NoCourse TitleCredit
1EXTN111Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology2(2+0)
2HVE 111Human Values & Ethics1(1+0)
3DEG 111Democracy, Elections & Good Governance1(1+0)
4NSS 111National Service Scheme1(0+1)
5 EDNT 121 Educational Tour 1(0+1)
6EXTN 122Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education3(2+1)
7EXTN 123Communication Skills & Personality Development (Common Course)2(1+1)
8EDNT 242Educational Tour1(0+1)
9ELE EXTN 244 Agricultural Journalism3(2+1)
10EXTN 355 Entrepreneurship Development & Business Communication (Common Course)
2 (1+1)
11 EXTN 475 RAWE & AIA
2 (0+2)

Activities :-