Shri Sanjay Bhargava
Chairman, Shiksha Mandal, Wardha

Shiksha Mandal has always seen itself as a Development Institution. We are in education because it is the sustainable path to development. To what extent we meet this goal is for others to say but we do try. Merit, ethical conduct, inclusivity, sobriety, hard work, responsible pursue and willy-nilly our students are influenced by them. We are possibly the only Private Educational Institution in the country which rejects its entitlement of a management quota in admissions. Employability of our students is our responsibility and concern. For this their learning has to be complete and they should have capability to undertake tasks. Our fields and laboratories are well equipped and students are trained extensively so that they are industry ready. The seriousness with which RAWE (Rural Agricultural Work Experience) is conducted is a testimony to our commitment. We are aided by and participate in the excellent work done in the district by the Bajaj Group’s Jankidevi Bajaj Gram Vikas Sanstha. The fact that the college is the largest trainer of input dealers in Maharashtra under DAESI (Diploma in Agriculture Extension Services for Input Dealers) reflects the same commitment to improve the ground situation in Agriculture. The College has a full-fledged English Language Laboratory, when none is required of us. We are far from perfect, but are committed to continue walking down this path. We believe this approach and training our students receive increases their chances of being good employees of good employers. It gives me pleasure to commend them to prospective employers. We hope you will give them an opportunity and we are confident that they will exceed your expectations.