Section of Agriculture Entomology

Agricultural Entomology is a subdivision of Entomology which studies pests and beneficial insects of field crops, fruits and vegetables. It also includes non-insect pests such as invertebrates (eg. nematodes), vertebrates (eg. rats), etc.


The major objectives of the Department of Agricultural Entomology are to teach various courses related to insects and their role in Agricultural Systems. Also, it aims to graduate students, to maintain an inventory of major insect/vertebrate pests of crops and develop suitable technologies for minimizing the production losses caused by them.

  • To survey, surveillance and identification of major agricultural insect pest and their predators, parasitoids and parasites in each crop commodity
  • To teach and develop suitable strategies for IPM technologies
  • To develop technologies to minimize hazardous effect on human health and environment caused due to injudicious use of synthetic chemical insecticides
  • To develop suitable mass rearing technologies of Corcyra Cephalonica and preparation of Trichocard
  • Preparation of HaNPV, NSKE and Dashparni Ark
  • To teach Apiculture, Sericulture and Lac culture

Faculty and Staff :-

Dr. Archana T. Ambule
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Agril. Entomology
BCA, Pipri, Wardha

Mr. Vaibhav P. Giri
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Agril. Entomology
BCA, Pipri, Wardha

Mr. Nitin U. Dongare
Lab Attendant
Dept. of Agril. Entomology
BCA, Pipri, Wardha

Agricultural Entomology offers following courses to B. Sc. Agriculture

Semester Course No. Credits Course Title
1 II ENTO 121 2 (1+1) Fundamentals of Entomology
2 III ENTO 232 2 (1+1) Insect Ecology and Integrated pest
3 IV ENTO 243 2 (1+1) Pest of Horticultural Crops and their
4 V ENTO 354 2 (1+1) Pests of Crops and Stored Grain and
their Management
5 VI ENTO 365 2 (1+1) Management of Beneficial Insects
6 VIII ELM ENTO 486 10 (0+10) Mass Production of Bioagents and
7 VII     RAWE – Crop Protection (Entomology and Plant Pathology)
8 VIII ELM ENTO 487 10 (0+10) Commercial Bee Keeping
9 VIII ELM ENTO 488 10 (0+10) Silkworm Cocoon Production

Activities :-